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What is Crazy Horse Leather?

The very popular and growing craze over crazy horse leather goods and it's unique antique-like appearance is taking the international online community by surprise. A simple scratch or rub turns the leather fibers a different shade. A slight bend to the leather surface and the entire bend line fades to a different shade as well. And yet, crazy horse leather is still as durable as any other high-grade leather. But what is "crazy horse leather" exactly and how is it any different than other types of leathers?

Crazy horse leathers are made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been buffed and smoothed out. The type of wax used rests independently upon the leather fibers allowing the natural coloration of the leather to change if scratched or rubbed. This is what causes the antique, vintage appearance.

Crazy horse leather is not a fairly new type of leather and has been around for some time now. Nor does crazy horse leather come from horses. Traditionally, crazy horse leather was referred to as saddle leather. It is the leather which is used to make saddles. And so naturally, being widely associated with saddles and cowboys, its name came to be known as crazy horse leather.


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