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Proud to Buy our Leather Goods
One day while we were attending one of the annual community bazaar markets selling our prized leather goods. Phillip, a local customer and good friend of ours, returned to us with a leather wallet he had purchased from us 5 years ago....
Mainstream Name Brands Vs. Private Leather Studios

You buy a popular name brand leather bag, and you're quite satisfied about it because you didn't just get a generic leather bag, you got a leather bag from a very popular name brand, and this means your social status just went up!

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is that time of the year just before the year ends, when family members come together to rekindle and share past time memories with their loved ones.

The Community

Since we set out on our journey to bring great people and people all over great leather goods of exceptional quality and at the most affordable prices, we like everyone else that begins something big, had some doubt.

An Extension of Our Unique Characters

Have you ever noticed that every now and then when you’re more observant to the world around you, you see more of what people are doing? You see how they look, the style of their clothes, the amount of cleavage their clothes show, what kind of bag they have and what it’s made of.