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Mainstream Name Brands Vs. Private Leather Studios

You buy a popular name brand leather bag, and you're quite satisfied about it because you didn't just get a generic leather bag, you got a leather bag from a very popular name brand, and this means your social status just went up! At this point there’s a lot to be proud of.

Everyone wants a name brand product. That's just how we have been fashioned by society and the media to think and do. But the question we never ask is, does a name brand product always entail that the quality is really good? The answer is, yes and no.

Here is a simple little situation that I’m sure each of us have heard of before or even experienced before. John buys a name brand leather satchel from a popular retailer. And John's friend Mike buys, buys a non-name brand leather satchel from a private leather studio. They meet up for a chat and show off their new leather satchel bags. Shortly after John realizes he paid a fortune for a name brand leather satchel, and the leather use to make his satchel doesn’t seem to be as nearly as thick as Mike’s. To make a long story short, it isn't always the best choice to buy the most expensive leather bag, just because it's a popular name brand product.

In today's market of leather goods and other expensive luxury and fashionable items, there are quite a few larger more popular name brands that have discovered ways to exploit the possibilities of cutting their costs, at the expense of offering their customers not-so-good quality leather goods. And no matter how they go about cutting their costs, it always ends with the quality of their leather products being reduced in some way or another. And these quality issues go completely unnoticed by the end user who's overly excited about their latest name brand purchase. It would seem as though, these name brand companies can get away with increasing their prices and reducing the quality of their merchandise, because they know their products offer a higher social status for their customers, and their customers will almost always overlook the idea that these products are of lesser quality.

But one thing is for certain. Smaller non-mainstream private leather studios such as ourselves, offer the best darn leather goods on the planet on the market, and at the most affordable prices, hands down. These smaller but higher quality-focused leather studios don't have the resources or the reputation to take chances undercutting the quality or unreasonably increasing the price, and not that they would if they could. They are for one, dedicated to quality. And two, they prioritize their customers experience using the products. We supply leather goods of outstanding workmanship and durability to a smaller sized community of loyal customers who recognize and highly appreciate the practiced values and ethics of our private leather studio.

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