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Proud to Buy our Leather Goods

One day while we were attending one of the annual community bazaar markets selling our prized leather goods. Phillip, a local customer and good friend of ours, returned to us with a leather wallet he had purchased from us 5 years ago. Now it's not very common that we receive returns from our customers. However, the smile on his face beckoned that he wasn't there to return his wallet. To our surprise, he was enthusiastic to purchase another! But this time, he wanted one of a different color and of a different design. All I could do is smile and ask why.

His answer was quite simple and reasonable. He said that it's been about five years since he had purchased the first one, and thought it would be nice to have a backup just incase he lost it. And he really likes it. He went on to say that it fits perfectly in his back pocket. The thread has held up almost as if it were brand new. And the leather just looks better and better as time goes by. Hearing something like that from a customer and friend, is pretty much you're in it for. From there on, our conversation carried on and we talked about how wonderful it is to continue on replacing our things or even buying extras for later on down the road. Overall, it was very nice to share these common behaviors of contentment with someone else. Eventually, we finalized the purchase and he went on his way a very happy shopper.

When you make contact with a customer who is truly proud to buy your products over and over again, you really feel like you have made a small, if not large difference in the quality of someone else's life ~ and that is one of the best kinds of feeling in the world.

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