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The Community

Since we set out on our journey to bring great people and people all over great leather goods of exceptional quality and at the most affordable prices, we like everyone else that begins something big, had some doubt. Some of this doubt came from the common troubles associated with starting up a business. But a lot of this doubt derived from not having the right kind of support and following.

We were missing the very thing that gave us the courage to engage in and follow through on our ambitions. Later on, we discovered that, like a tree grows from the roots upward, we had to utilize the place in which we had began this journey; the community. And we weren't doing that. Instead, we were focusing on everything else that we thought mattered more, like quality, customer service, content, marketing, advertising, quality control and so on. Now, don't get me wrong, these things do matter.

The community. One of the most powerful and supportive tools that you could ask for. In most respects, your community is a thing that supports you, rather you know it or not or like it or not. From the moment you spawn that amazing idea to do make a difference in the quality of someone else's life, to the moment when you think you have failed. The community is proud to know that someone like you exists and that they are apart of it in some way or another. We found that this unique relationship we share with our community is what forges the best kind of confidence, support, motivation, and leather goods. So, since then, we have placed our community - whom are our customers, colleges and partners, at the forefront of our business. And in turn, we have grown substantially internally and externally. But one thing is for certain, if it wasn't for our strong and supportive community we would not be here today.

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