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The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is that time of the year just before the year ends, when family members come together to rekindle and share past time memories with their loved ones. At the peak of this warm and traditional holiday, family members open gifts together and rejoice with love and excitement, and joyous laughter echoes throughout the halls.

Pondering the perfect gift for your loved ones is always a difficult task that requires devoted thought and lots of consideration. However, in the modern and technologically advanced world of today and the internet, we have access to a wide range of expensive, unique or novelty gifts that our loved ones would surely appreciate very much. But, when buying a Christmas gift for our loved ones, the question is and has always been, are we aiming to only satisfy or are we striving for something far more than that? I would like to believe that each and every one of us, are aiming to please our loved ones with the most surprising and tear-jerking Christmas gift out there.

When it comes to a really great tear-jerking Christmas gift, many would consider that it should be an expensive one. I agree, but even more so, I disagree. An expensive gift does symbolize a lot in many ways. In most cases, the money forked out for an expensive Christmas gift, was more than likely a result of hard work and hard time. So yes, there is much to appreciate in this particular aspect. But, does an expensive gift always mean that it's the perfect gift or the right gift? You may very well find that sometimes, for our loved ones, a well planned and well thought out gift can far exceed one that was really expensive.

Aside from the expensive gifts and the possible meaningless value they may or may not have, there are also some very rare, valuable and priceless gift items out there. And with these rare and valuable types of gift items, comes a deep mystery about the effects they have on us. For some reason, these types of rare gifts evoke in us a great satisfaction, happiness, self-value and confidence. Take for instance, a vintage distressed leather satchel bag. In almost every scenario, this would be found to be the perfect gift, regardless of our loved ones wishing for it or not. You would have done a superbly righteous job in their eyes. And they would know that for the next 20 years, you would still be collecting brownie points from them. It is in these well thought out, rare and valuable gifts, that our beloved ones feel a deep down sense of believe, that they are truly loved by us.

It is said, that to really love someone, means to nourish and care ultimately for their well being and spiritual growth. That love is an act of will. It is the will to exert oneself through pushing the limits of the human capacity. That love is not a feeling, but a driven action. And through exertion of these actions one can show proof of love. It is this very phenomenon, that when we truly love someone, we possess the ability to exert ourselves in devoted thought and consideration. Thus, discovering the perfect gift for them, every time.

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