Rick Leather Messenger Bag-Grittyrustic
Rick Leather Messenger Bag-Grittyrustic
Rick Leather Messenger Bag-Grittyrustic
Rick Leather Messenger Bag-Grittyrustic
Rick Leather Messenger Bag-Grittyrustic
Rick Leather Messenger Bag-Grittyrustic
Rick Leather Messenger Bag-Grittyrustic
Rick Leather Messenger Bag-Grittyrustic
Rick Leather Messenger Bag-Grittyrustic

Rick Leather Messenger Bag

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A classic leather messenger bag of minimalist design. A style of leather bag that blends seamlessly with all of your outfits. A genuine feeling of sophistication, ease of use and casual style. Use it for daily use and light travel.


  • Leather: Full-grain leather
  • Colors: Black
  • Type of Bag: Messenger bag
  • Length: 11.81" / 30cm
  • Height: 11.81" / 30cm
  • Width:  3.14" / 8cm


  • A spacious canvas-lined internal primary compartment.
  • Two open-pockets located within the primary compartment.
  • One horizontal-zipper pocket located within the primary compartment.
  • One horizontal zipper pocket located on the external front-side.
  • Adjustable full-grain leather shoulder strap with canvas-lined underside. 

This leather article is made of full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather there is. And it lasts the longest through the wear-and-tear of daily use. Full-grain leather is also the most difficult leather to work with due to it's solidness and thickness, which results in a higher cost of the end product.

Full-grain leather is the outermost layer of the animal hide just blow the fur. The name "Full-grain leather" refers to leather that has not been altered by sanding or buffing. And so it retains the original grain layer, original texture and original scratches, defects and markings that naturally occurred during the lifetime of the animal. Additionally, these scratches, defects and markings are one of the properties that creates the one-of-a-kind look for each of our leather bags.

Being so tough and hardy, full-grain leather is ideal for making leather bags that will last for many many years. And as legends have it, over time full-grain leather will look nicer and nicer as it develops a rich patina from being handled. Lending it a beauty that is much sought after around the world.

Industrial sewing thread is tougher and usually larger in thickness than other types of thread, including garment-sewing thread. Industrial sweing thread can handle the demanding conditions of industiral sewing machines. Which includes multi-directional sewing, operating at extremely high speeds or operating at low speeds when sewing through full-grain leather. For its durability and toughness, industrial sewing thread is sometimes used in the garment industry to make shirts, jeans, pants, socks, leather bags and more. And many types of tough industrial sewing threads are preferred for military use.

We require 3 to 5 business days to prepare the product and the shipment. During these 5 days, we will process the order and confirm legitimacy of the transaction. While we are processing the order, we will also conduct a routine quality check on the product, just to ensure there are no potential quality issues.

We ship worldwide with only trusted shipping providers, DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. It usually takes between 5 to 10 business days for deliveries to arrive.

If you find that there aren't shipping services to your country or would like us to use a different shipping service then just send us a message through our contact us page and fill out the contact form with as much detail as possible. We should be back in touch within 24hours.

We understand that it takes some time to break in a new leather bag and see how it fares with time, and the wear and tear of your particular lifestyle. And so, we offer a full three month return policy on all items.

One thing is for certain, we have your best interest at heart. If you find that within three months, your leather bag or wallet isn't working out for you, just send us a message through our contact us page and fill out the contact form with as much detail as possible. We'll take care of the rest.

The Journey Home

The Story of Grittyrustic

Truth & Reconciliation

It wasn't always so that we produced such prestigious quality leather goods, like the ones you see on our website today. There was a time when quality was only something we only spoke of, as if our leather goods had actually reflected good quality. But the truth was this; our leather goods were far from anything anyone clever enough would associate with good quality. However, there comes a time in everyone's life, when they are faced with their own reckoning, and their integrity and honor are called into questioning.

A Time of Reflection

Flawed Ambition

When you embark on an endeavor such as promising real people real quality leather goods that will last a lifetime, you just might be biting off more than you can chew. And to the fullest extent to which this phrase aims to express. Especially, when you know such statements are very very far from the truth. Because you have witnessed firsthand the exponential rate at which your leather goods deteriorate - they fall apart within the first year of use. But yet you continue on fostering and garnishing these statements to your valued customers. Convincing them ever so more that your leather goods will last them a lifetime.


This is the perfect example of one of those character flaws, that over time begins to eat at the very core of your humanity. Blinded by your own ambition to achieve and gain at all costs. And without ever truly taking the time to pay attention to what's at stake and what truly matters.

Eventually, the questions can no longer be ignored and they are begging to be answered. Is this really what we are in it for? Is this really who we are? Is this really the best we can offer real people?

People are the Real Product

Integrity & Honor

Grittyrustic was built on this chunk of honor, which came about through experience, personal growth, hard worl, failure, and nonetheless the love for humanity. We know what it really means to offer real quality to real people. Because ultimately, people are the real product.

What you'll find in our store is nothing shy of truly prestigious artisan handcrafted leather goods, that have been laboriously handmade with painstaking attention to every detail.

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